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About US


Himachali  cinema , sometimes referred to as HILLYWOOD, is the PAHARI LANGUAGE film industry in the states of HIMACHAL in India.
The cinema of  HIMACHAL has its beginnings with the year 1928. Himachali Folk Music played a very major role in the genartion of Himachali film and music industry.  Hindi cinema and pop music in the state has weakened folk music’s popularity. But some personalities  of the state have kept our culture and music  in the state and attracting other zones also .

Aims & objectives

  • To work for the betterment and upliftment of heritage culture and folk values , Artist & film ,music Industry of Himachal Pradesh.
  • To organize cultural programmers at national and international level for cultural exchange and for the protection of cultural heritage of India
  • To promote and review the various classical and folk dances, dramas, music, arts, Crafts and visual /cinematographic works.
  • To take gender issues and to educate society in this regards including copyright and protection of film & music. Work for the rights of Himachali artists like musicians, lyricist, composers of music albums, short stories, films etc, collect royalty to beneficial and fight for the violation of all rights and make artist card by association/ngo
  • To provide financial help, scholarship etc. to upcoming writers, painters,sculptures etc. and all such persons to help them in various ways.
  • To impart education regarding promotion, of industries and training to make them self – reliant.
  • To promote Art, Language, Culture and Literature including literary works of all kinds of film & music and file necessary complaint in against illegal culprit.
  • To float awards and honor to be given to local as well as Indian / International artists in recognition of their contributions and creativity to the society.
  • To organize seminars, workshops and the like to promote film, music, Art, Language, Culture and Literature in the society.
  • To work for poor, needy and Rural Development.
  • To work for the Development of Youth and reconstruction of nation. To open ,run and manage film ,music, Art, Language educational institutions in any part of India or abroad.
  • To work for the Tribal rights, global peace, universal brother hood and national Integration.